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You’re here because you want a better job or higher income. Maybe you need a job and are looking online. Or maybe your job doesn’t pay enough. Perhaps you are a single mom, or dad, and you don’t have a lot of hours for a job. Maybe you just retired and your social security isn’t enough. Or you could be hyper-active, ADHD, like me, and you have a hard time focusing. Relax, you’re in the right place. I want to give you a warm personal welcome to let you know this is not a big corporate enterprise, or a get-rich-quick business, or some impersonal click-the-link affiliate scheme. After this, I will hide behind the screen, both because I am shy and because I can’t remember all I have to say to you. Rest assured, I’m here if you need me.

SecureServerSites has everything you need to make a good income online. This is hard work and we will do everything to help you succeed. We have practical affiliate marketing tools. We have affiliate hosting, WordPress hosting, Business hosting and eCommerce hosting. We have domain names and SSLs. We have online classes and personal guidance to help you get through the tangle.

YouTube video about the options to make money online right now

Use this link to translate this video into another language.

Usually a job means that you work and work and work, and then get paid. Usually the pay isn’t enough. Smart people know that trading your time for money is limited. All of the wealthy people talk about making a passive income.

How can I help you?

In other words, the key is make something once and you get paid and paid and paid. That’s sometimes easier said than done. But there are ways to do this.

One way is to write a book. In the old school ways of doing things, you could write a book. Another is to make a movie. Almost every movie made has turned a profit eventually. In the modern world, this is more easily done through the internet.

The way to work smarter

Digital goods are almost free to create, relatively easy to market and the sales and download delivery can be automated. This frees up your time to make something else. Sales of an e-book can repeat for months and even years.

Your own website

Many people will start with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. That’s ok to start, but remember, these are social media. They are somebody else’s website. Somebody else makes the rules and somebody else will make the money. Social media makes free things for a profit. Learn how to use social media.

Social media is out to make a profit. If you trust social media with your contact list, you may lost it when they change the rules. For this, you need a website, your own website.

Right side up website

Many people recommend web hosting first. This is because they get big commissions by recommending bluehost before you even start building your website. Stop. That’s upside down. You can do this smarter.

To get a right side up website, you want to spend less at the beginning. Make your mistakes on a small scale first. After you know what you are doing, you can upgrade with less expense and fewer problems.

Many types of websites

There are many ways to build a website. WordPress is a very good platform for many people. It powers over a quarter of the world’s websites. That’s a lot! However, there is lots to know before you start building. There are two flavors of WordPress – dot com and dot org.

We have WordPress, too. But you may not need it to get something put together now. Make sure you know what you are doing before you get started. It’s a good idea to have something good and simple online to start. Put something online for Google to find.

Watch out for tar babies

A tar baby is a huge website engine that pretends to give you your own website. what you are actually getting is a very small window to a very large building. Google sees your Wix website as Wix, not your website!

The same with Weebly, Squarespace, Website Builder and These mammoth javascript engines are not well-indexed by Google or other search engines. The other problem is that you can’t leave websites easily, if at all.

How to get free advertising

Websites get ranked by search engines. This is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about. People want to make as good a web page as possible, so the search engines will find and rank it. Every day people go to Google or another search engine and look for something.

Google will list the best web pages that best answer their questions or key word phrases. This amounts to free advertising. I have made several website courses over the years. They get outdated quickly. Now, I consult and coach people with their website projects. They are happier and so am I.

Remember what I said about a passive income? If I had to remake my website course over every year, it is more trading my time for money, which I don’t want to do. This way, I can update in the moment.

Make a beginning

I recommend that you put something online soon. It takes Google up to six months to index your website. This means that you can be writing new content, adding photos and fixing your little mistakes before they become big ones.

Bytique has templates for making simple and fast web pages that you can fill out with your headlines, sub-headlines, photos and paragraphs. This is quick and looks good. It method is limited and you will probably outgrow this before long.

Plant your website seeds

These pages rank very high in Google’s quality tester. They are very easy to make. They qualify for many purposes and you can choose a template that works well for your future website. It’s relatively easy to migrate these pages to a WordPress site when you are ready to upgrade.

Water your website

The way to get started is to gather your information and create an account. If you have an idea for a domain, you can do that now. If not, don’t worry. You can do that later. Then you can begin your research. Find something that you really know or want to know.

Once you have your website planted. Keep watering it by adding blog pages on a more-or-less regular schedule. If you need more time to do your research, take a bit more time. If that extra time takes more than a couple of weeks, then you may want to break your article into two or more parts so you can publish after a week or so.

Partner with me

I have some experience with affiliate marketing. If you want to join forces, I can show you how to navigate the potholes on this road. You can help me and I can help you.

Remember, a watched pot never boils, and a watched website will never gain momentum. Don’t worry. Focus on producing the very best content for your visitors. Speak to the visitors you have in mind and write to them, answer their questions. Answer their next questions or the ones they meant to ask.

How can we help you?

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We can do some of the tech work for you. Remember Bytique has everything you need to become successful online. We have been there and we can help you. We can’t write your articles for you but we can edit, coach, listen to your ideas, fix some typos, and encourage you.

Have an idea? Ask. I’m here to help.

Don’t have a big budget? Really motivated or inspired but have a small bank account? Really want to get started now? Here’s an idea. We can help you with your website, if you can write for one of our websites. We can call it a mentorship or scholarship program.

Scholarships available

You can write an article for one of our websites, we can edit your article and give you feedback on what works and what doesn’t. This will help you write better articles for your website. This is a bit like on-the-job training. You can move ahead faster this way.

Uber without a car

I used to be an Uber driver. Do you need a car to earn? I made more money by NOT being an Uber driver. I am going to tell you exactly how I did it – and how you can do it, too. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is my story.

This is UberIPromoCode website that made over one hundred thousand dollars while I slept at bytique dot com.
This is UberInviteCode website that made over one hundred thousand dollars while I slept

My name is Randy, and I am an Affiliate Marketer. And no one is more surprised than me. I have been building websites online since 2003. I was successful with Google Ads but didn’t know it. Now I am successful with affiliate marketing. This is the story of how I became successful. I am writing this to help you become successful, too.

How to Drive for Uber Without a Car

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of a product using a promotional code that pays a commission per sale. Website visitors click on a link or set a cookie which gives the marketer credit when a sale is made. Links are usually direct referrals. Cookies expire after a specified period of time, usually from one to 30 days. Affiliates are paid after a 30-day guarantee and results are tallied.

Of all the stereotypes we hear about the Internet, there is perhaps none so enduring as the one about making money in your sleep. Well, last October, I realized I was in that happy situation myself. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

$299 per Month?

When I “retired” a few years ago at age 65, I was faced with a sobering reality. Social Security was not going to cover my expenses. Not even close. I had been a self-employed photographer most of my life. As a self-employed person, I was responsible for paying my self-employment taxes. Like many self-employed people, I had the choice of buying new things for the business or putting money away for a rainy day. Well, I could have been more responsible. Instead, I chose to buy new stuff for my business.

LYFT invite code website that didn't make thousands of dollars
LYFT invite code website that didn’t make thousands of dollars

I knew the day would come when I would need that rainy day fund, but I didn’t think about it much. I knew there would be a rainy day. I was busy enjoying my life and making pictures. Fast-forward to that rainy day.

That time has come

I began looking at other ways to make money. I had the goal of being an affiliate marketer, but I’d initially done what almost everyone does when they have an goal without a plan: absolutely nothing. The gap between having a goal and having a referral marketing business seemed too enormous to undertake, especially when it would have to be combined with, you know, actually working for a living.

I’d always dreamed of having aa affiliate marketing business where I could set my own hours. Work when I want on my laptop on the beach in some exotic location. (Reality check: Affiliate marketers don’t take their laptops to the beach.) I thought it would be great to have the money roll in while I traveled to some beautiful remote location. I started a lot of entrepreneurial projects, but all of them just wasted my spare time. Now I am traveling and living a referral marketing lifestyle. I work when and how I choose.

One of the websites I made while working at TapSuccess

Enter The Real World

But then something unusual happened in the real world. I answered an ad in Craigslist. It said “Drive my car for Uber, insurance and gas provided, we split the ride fares”. OK, I thought, I clicked the link to sign up for Uber and got started. I picked up his car and began driving the streets of San Francisco. I had always wanted to know what it was like to drive a cab. This was close enough.

A $500 Bonus

What surprised me was the size of the bonus and the ease with which it arrived. A $500 bonus notification popped up on my phone after an Uber trip. That bonus was deposited into my checking account the very next week. I had cash in hand. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t have to drive to get paid. The owner of the car received his referral bonus when I got my driving bonus. All I had to do was make Uber referrals. I knew I could do that. Since I build websites for a living, I built a website to refer drivers to Uber. And then… nothing happened.

By October the bonuses added up to $10,000

One of the FileMaker programs I made at TapSuccess

Months went by. Then… I received a referral bonus. Small, but real. Then another, and another. Some weeks went by without bonuses. Then I got a big bonus. Wow. Soon the bonuses were showing up almost regularly. By October the bonuses added up to $10,000! Just two months later, I made another $5,000 from referral marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Works

Fast-forward to February 2017 and I am making an average of $1,000 per week. Net! Take-home! Deposited into my bank account! Automatically! With affiliate marketing! From the one website I had created in 2015. Some of you reading will think $1000 per week isn’t a big income. Others reading this will think it’s a lot. Whether you think that $1,000 per week is a lot or a little isn’t important to me. The significance to me is that I get this income while I sleep. I get to work when and how I want and the money comes to me automatically. Below is the chart for the actual income I made from this Uber referral marketing website.

How Just One Website Made $100,000

It is very exciting to wake up to extra money. I can tell you it is even more fun knowing that money will be deposited in the account every week. I can’t begin to describe the freedom that comes with automatic income. The sense of openness and relaxation is incredible! It means I can live anywhere. I am finally rewarded for my creativity and original thinking in ways I never knew existed. I want to tell everyone. I want to help people realize they don’t have to work so hard.

Actual affiliate income chart from
Actual affiliate income chart from UberInviteCode

I built one website in December 2015. Just this one website has made me over $15,000 the first year. This one website has an average of $1,000 per week for over three years. Just one website has made over $100,000. I have make other websites. There are ways to screw it up. I made other websites that didn’t work so well. I need to say here that these results are NOT typical. Your mileage may vary. I know lots and lots of people who have tried this business and failed. They don’t understand how it works. They try too hard. There are many people who don’t get it. I understand that.

The Tech of Affiliate Marketing

Referral marketing is not hard to do. In fact, it’s easy. Looking back, I can see the mistakes I made. The biggest mistake was that I tried too hard. That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s true. I want to say this again – referral marketing is easy. Not only that, but I can prove it to you. The reason I made this website is to help share some of the things I learned.

There are two parts: Technology and Content

The content part is something that almost anyone can learn. Many people know part of this but they aren’t getting results. The writing is a bit complicated and needs to follow some rules. However, most people are following the wrong rules. They are writing for the robots and the spiders. They write for the machines and not for the people.

The technology is a little more complicated, but I can make it easier for you. I soon realized that all of the web pages followed a similar formula. That’s because they all need to follow the same rules. I built a plan that I follow for making these websites. Sometimes I code them myself and sometimes I use WordPress.

If you have never made money with affiliate or referral marketing, I can tell you from my own experience, that it is too big a jump to go from zero to millions. The limitation isn’t as much of a physical one, but more a limitation of your awareness. Most people need to make adjustments as they progress. These adjustments can be rapid, but in my experience, not immediate. First, you need to find your niche.

1. find what is in demand
2. find how much supply there is, and
3. find a way to help people get what they want

When the supply exceeds the demand, you are wasting your time: stop. When there is a demand without adequate supply you have an opportunity. Once you understand what is happening and what works, you can, no doubt, exceed my results.

Making Web Pages

What’s involved in getting to the top of Google? A lot. First you need the website. Building the website sounds simple. However, getting it right is a challenge for many. WordPress is ‘free-ish’ at You can also get the free software at but then you need to have your own web hosting. Some companies will install it free, but you have to know what to ask. Then you need add-ons, themes, and plugins, updated and installs.

WIX, Weebly and SquareSpace make it look easier. It’s not. What they do is create a system where you get started for free and then need overpriced add-ons. Then you need their own non-standard version of add-ons, themes, and plugins, updated and installs. Often the website looks attractive, but performs very poorly. This is something you can’t know or test until after you have invested your time and money.

Ultimately all of these systems require constant maintenance or they fail in one way or another.There are about 20 things you need to do just to get a website. Then there are another fifteen things to get right before your website is listed by search engines. Then there are readability scores that must be met before your site is considered readable. Then you must notify the search engines of your website’s existence. There are lots of mistakes along the way that can get you banned.

Roll Your Own

Over the years I have learned a few things about web design. I’m not a programmer, I just know some tools and tricks that you can use to make your life easier. And, I am going to share them with you.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Coding just one HTML page in the early days could take all day. I have built websites by hand, with some tools that no longer exist, WordPress and Bootstrap. I love/hate WordPress. It’s good code but the pages load very slowly. Bootstrap has faster loading pages but doesn’t include the backend.

For Affiliate Marketing, I use my own mix of Bootstrap and php. It has worked very well for me. By ‘very well’, I mean thousands of dollars every month for years. It was enough for me to live on. It is probably enough for you to live on rather comfortably too, depending upon your lifestyle. This is from one website. If you want more income, you can make more websites.

Making Pages

Paradoxically, Google likes a combination of static and dynamic content. By this, I mean that Google, and other search engines, are designed to look and rank static content that is in a standard format. Yet these pages don’t rank very high when they are all the same. To add spice, I add a custom paragraph or two to each page that is, or can be, unique.

To do this, I start with a web page template. This template is designed to perform well for search engines. It’s also designed to look good and load fast on mobile phones. That’s where most people will see it. I add parts to it that can be customized. This means that each page will be different. Additionally, I can add paragraphs to each page to provide unique content for the search engines.

In my opinion, this is the best mix of ideal and custom. It has worked very well for me. I have adapted this to be user friendly, yet customizable for different ‘key words’, which are actually phrases. This means that my pages are designed for the same market but asking slightly different questions. Search engines will match different web pages to each set of key word phrases. By making slightly different pages with different key word phrases, you can optimize your pages to match each set of key words.

You Can Do This

This is something that I built, with the help of my programmer friend, Glenn. I had the idea and built the main page, and Glenn coded the replicator that makes multiple pages. As far as I know, it is unique. I didn’t copy anything or imitate anyone else’s work. I made good money with this business. You can, too.

Not only that, you can do better. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs. Maybe even millions of affiliate opportunities. All you have to do is find your niche and a supplier. You can make your own little business. You can improve what I did if you like, because your keywords will be different than mine.

Personal Experience

You know something better than anyone else. You do something better or faster or easier or closer than anyone else on the planet. You have a passion for something wonderful. You have had a personal experience that makes you uniquely qualified. You are a beginner but you can find and interview the experts in your field.

There are things you know that other people don’t. They aren’t necessarily biggest or best or fastest. The world is moving faster and jobs are getting more and more specialized. Many people are experts in only one area. They just don’t know about other fields of interest. There are many things you don’t know just because you are focussed in other areas. Same with your neighbors.

Here is an opportunity to help your friends and neighbors – and make some money. Nearly every supplier on the internet has an affiliate program. Look at the bottom of Amazon, GoDaddy, Alibaba, BlueHost, Uber and other big suppliers. They may say ‘become a partner’ or ‘partner with us’ instead of ‘affiliates’, but they are affiliate programs.

eCommerce is driven by affiliate marketing programs. An affiliate program gives you a commission for referring a visitor that buys a product. This is simply for the reason that you know the people who want to buy and the supplier doesn’t. Many people are ready to buy and they are looking to answer their pre-sales questions. This is where you can help by answering them.

Qualifying for Uber

Qualifying for Uber driver used to be popular. Then Uber lowered their prices. Suddenly qualifying for Uber wasn’t nearly as desirable. The road to driving for Uber has been a bit uneven. Today more people are qualifying for Uber Eats delivery than for driving people.

How to Uber without a car

There are many people who, for one reason or another, didn’t qualify for Uber. Sometimes this was for their driving record, sometimes this was for other reasons. Some people simply didn’t have a recent enough, or decent enough, car. I qualified as an Uber driver, but my car was marginal. Eventually I stopped driving for Uber.

Driving for Uber

How I got started driving was a surprise. I needed some extra cash. When I needed cash, I did what my sisters had done. I looked on Craigslist. Living in San Francisco, I knew people who actually knew Craig! The ad I saw had ‘my name’ on it. That was a while back now, but it said something like, ‘Drive my new car for Uber. I pay gas, oil, tired, and insurance. We split the income 50:50.’ At the time, I didn’t have a car. That ad was for me!

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Driving for Uber was fun at first. I had wondered what it was like to drive people around town and see parts of the city that were new to me. At first I liked it. I really liked getting paid to see the streets of San Francisco. After a number of trips, I got a bonus. I remembered something about a bonus promise when I signed up but had forgotten it in the process of learning all the new things about qualifying to drive for Uber. When I got a bonus, the owner of the car also got a bonus.

Then I realized that that was why I was driving. After I got that bonus he started looking for new drivers. The bonus was more profitable than splitting the income from driving. When I realized that, wanted to do that too. But I wasn’t going to buy a new car to get that bonus. I realized I could sign up new drivers with a website. And that’s what I did.

More Money by NOT Driving

That’s when I started making the website for qualifying new Uber drivers. Eventually this grew into the ideal mobile-first template home page. This page includes all of the required items for a modern web page, including the technical items for fast page loading even on small mobile screens with weak signals and low batteries. The template includes the icons for Apple and Android when saved to the home screen, links to share to social media, legal pages in the footer, etc. The home page also includes the way to automatically include the key word phrases for SEO.

Then I asked my friend Glenn to help code the Replicator to make multiple pages for different key word phrases. The Replicator uses code to make a new page for each new keyword from a list. It really is that easy! I just make a list of keywords and feed it into the Replicator along with this template and the new pages are generated automatically and put the upload folder, ready to be uploaded.

That was in the summer of 2015. At first this new website didn’t do anything. Google doesn’t really trust new websites for about six months. That because they don’t want people ‘gaming their system’. Then toward the end of 2015, I started getting texts and emails from Uber that people had signed up. Cool. After that, I started getting money in my bank account. Uber pays weekly by direct deposit – at least, that’s how I set it up.

By early 2016, I had gotten paid $1000 in one week. That’s more than I made by driving for Uber! Soon (I don’t remember when, now) I was getting $1000 a month. By the summer of 2016 I was making an average of $1000 a week. That continued for about four years. Nice!

Right Side Up Website

Most people work and work and work, and get paid once. That’s upside down in my opinion. Whether you think $1000 a week is a lot or a little, consider one thing. I made this website once and got paid again and again and again and again for four years. That’s right-side-up! Another thing to consider is that is just one website. There are other affiliate programs and opportunities and you can make other websites.

This is a good idea. That’s because affiliate marketing tends to be a little seasonal or changeable. What I mean by that is that the marketing is shorter term rather than longer term. Marketing is more profitable when products are less known. Sometimes marketing by it’s nature, has ups and downs as products become better known. This may be the case with Uber. As more people drive and qualify for driving, the bonuses go down. Uber Eats is much more popular now, but this product may follow the same wave of popularity. Amazon infamously lowered their commission rate in 2018. Some marketers decided the terms wern’t profitable and decided to discontinue their Amazon affiliate marketing. That can happen.

This isn’t always the case. More expensive products may tend to hold their profitability, at least in the near term. That’s because original marketing is always needed to reach new prospects.

Ideal ADHD Business

By now you may be wondering about getting into this business. It is the perfect business for me. I am a hard worker when I am motivated and can work long hours on something. On the other hand, I like to have it perfect and be finished. This gives me free time for other things I like to do. I like to travel; I want to spend quality time with friends and the people I care about; I want to enjoy life more fully.

When I was a child, I was hyperactive. Unfortunately, I was alternately given lots of sugar and treated with large doses of Benadryl. I was also severely allergic to peanuts. I still am. No wonder I couldn’t sit still! Today I might have been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD. If you’re like me, this business might be just for you. You can do the work when you are clear and stop when you aren’t. Once you get it rolling the website works all the time.

Passive Part-time Income

Nearly all wealth consultants advise their clients to start a passive income stream. And many of the wealthy did just that. Warren Buffet is a good example. His first project was to put pinball or video games in barber shops. These were games that men would play while waiting for their haircut. The cost was low and they had some extra time. The best part of it was that it didn’t take time to manage. This meant that Warren Buffet could supply multiple barber shops at the same time. This was a low cost and multiplied his income. This made uber money for him.

This business is great for people with little blocks of time. This includes single moms and dads, people who retired without an adequate income, people living in fixed incomes and those who don’t have enough Social Security. This business is great for those who take care of little children and only have time for themselves when the kids are sleeping. This job is a good second income or part-time income. This job is great to begin a passive income.

Optimizing Made Easy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply matching the best answer to the question. People ask Google millions of questions every month. These can be in the form of a questions (with or without a question mark) or just a set of words, termed ‘key words’ or keywords. Actually, ‘key words’ is a misnomer because keywords are usually a long phrase.

Google is a machine with a set instructions to separate the quality web pages from the junky, irrelevant and misleading pages. Parts of this set of instructions subtly changes slightly on a semi-rgular basis about every week. Google has published a list of 200 different factors that help this machine smake the best ranking decisions.

It’s a common misunderstanding that websites rank in Google. They don’t. Individual web pages rank in Google and other search engines. This is because each page is considered one answer. This is an advantage. This means that ‘key word phrase’ is different than ‘phrase key word’ or ‘word key phrase’ or even ‘key phrase word’.

Passive Income Wealth

Warren Buffet’s first income project was to put games in barbershops. The cost was low and produced a long term income. Them men already had time on their hands and some money in their pockets. These were games that men would play while waiting for their haircut. These games were a small investment and produced a large passive income. This eventually made Warren Buffet some uber money.

Most wealth consultants advise their clients to start similar passive income streams. This is because once started, they continue for a long time without any additional management or attention. Once started, you can then start another and another. This maximizes your time and effort.

Affiliate Marketing IS eCommerce

Generally there are two types of partners in this eCommerce exchange: suppliers and marketers. The suppliers are those who have products that have features. The marketers are those who provide the answers that have benefits. Marketers register with the supplier and receive a special link that gives them credit when sales are made. When the customer visits the marketer’s website, and click on the link to buy, the marketer gets a commission for that sale. The price to the customer is unchanged whether they buy directly or through the marketer’s link.

Some suppliers like Amazon or Uber have their own affiliate program. The suppliers who don’t run their own program nearly always partner with an affiliate marketing company directly. Nearly all suppliers have an affiliate program of some sort. Affiliate Marketing IS eCommerce.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Passive Income Generators

Websites are undeniably good passive income generators. Once started, a good affiliate marketing website can run by itself for a long time. Many people have had success with online marketing. Often these simple websites need little or no attention. That’s because they are simple ‘static’ websites. Today many people choose a dynamic website builder like WordPress. WordPress is not static, it’s ‘dynamic’. I don’t recommend WordPress for this reason.

These may be new terms for you. A static website is fixed and unchangeable. While a dynamic website changes depending upon what you want it to do. It can remember your visitors’ name or change if the visitor is a man or woman, or change depending upon whether the visitor is visiting for the first time or returning. HTML is an example of a static website.

WordPress is the best example of a dynamic website. WordPress is endlessly dynamic. You can find nearly 10,000 plugins to do nearly anything you desire. While those dynamic changes can be impressive, they also require more computing resources and they can potentially be hacked. At the very least, they need nearly constant updating. New advances are made, which means more complexity, which means more potential vulnerabilities, which means more updates. Each of these plugins represents a potential vulnerability.

Complete Web Page

What do I recommend? The template I use. I made this template. Then I added to it with the Replicator, made by my friend, Glenn. He’s the programmer and he deserves the credit. I build websites but I’m not really a programmer. This is a nearly ideal combination of customized static pages. The page does this with small amounts of PHP includes. This means you can customize each page and even add a unique paragraph or two to each page. If you don’t want to, this function is skipped. You can change the photo the same way.

The additional resources are shared by all of the key word pages, saving large amounts of duplication and focussing attention on the immediate task of answering your visitors’ question. Since each page is complete, with links to additional resources, there is no need for a standard menu. The page does its’job exceptionally well by answering the visitors’ question(s) and directing them to the supplier with your affiliate link.

Wealth Pages Generation

The Replicator is a small application that combines a list of key word phrases into a web page template to make a different web page for each key word phrase. Each page is optimized for a particular key word. Each of these pages then can be matched by the search engine to that key word phrase when people use it for a search. This makes the page uniquely optimized for that key word.

This has almost unlimited potential. The template is mobile-first and technically nearly perfect. (Technical perfection in a web page is constantly changing.) There is no end to the number of key words you can use. There is no limit to the number of pages in a website. All of these key words can be indexed by Google and each can served to match that key word search. This makes an almost perfect match for each key word.

Mobile-First Design

Nearly everyone gets inspiration at odd times. Inspirations rarely follow a schedule and almost never occur in front of a laptop. Most search questions are generated from mobile smart phones and your web pages need to load quickly. The template is optimized for the small screen, which may be connecting on a mobile that has a limited data plan, using a narrow cell signal, powered by a weak battery, for an impatient person.

The best place to test web pages is the Pagespeed Insights website, created by Google’s developers. This tester is ideal because Google is who determines how fast your website is and ranks your pages accordingly. Other website testers are useful but they don’t rank your web pages or penalize your pages for being slow. Google does. There are many factors that can affect a web page speed. Some of these are controllable and some are not. (Web page speed testing is constantly changing.) I am obsessive about fixing those I have control over. This template consistently tests high.

Making Money in Your Sleep

Maybe you started a blog but it never made any money? Maybe you are a good writer but don’t want to bother with the technical details? Maybe you have so much content, you don’t have time to build the web pages? Would you like to make uber money in your sleep?

OK. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work at it. I did. I worked very hard at this. I make websites for a living and I spent a month on the original. You won’t have to spend that much time because I made it easier for you. You can copy my template and use the Replicator.

Your Mileage May Vary

There are new things to learn. You will need to be creative, be persistent, and practice thinking ‘outside the box’. And, you need to be patient. Remember that Google tests new web pages with a quarantine. In most cases, Google will not trust your web pages for about six months. This is ironic because after months of little to no results, many people quit.

On the other hand, you can build the website only once, and it can pay you every month, or even every week, for years. I can tell you from my own experience that waking up to extra cash in your account is a good feeling! In my case, I chose a niche where people were already looking for the product, which was driving for Uber. In this case, they were looking for a ‘promo code’ or asking how to get started. These were easy questions to answer.

In your case, the path may or may not be as clear, or it may be even clearer. This is where you will need to use your intuition.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Very Good Business

This is a very good business. You can start it on the side along with a full-time job. You can do this work in your spare time. This is an excellent job for single moms and stay-at-home moms, or any single parent or stay-at-home parent. This is a good job for retired people, and people living on Social Security. This is a good retirement job. It does require skills, but these skills are ones that are easily learned.

This is an excellent part-time job that can easily grow into a full-time income. You can do much of the research in the off-hours. This is a good activity for your free time or spare time job. Affiliate Marketing research is ideal for newbies because, ironically they have fresh ideas. New affiliate marketers can easily outperform the established marketing experts because they have original points of view.

Unlimited Income

Some affiliate programs, like Uber, pay weekly. Some other affiliate programs pay monthly. And some programs have a threshhold before they will pay you anything. For example, sometimes you have to reach $100 in your account before any payments are made. Also, the way that programs make payments can vary. Some programs make their payments with PayPal, while others make bank deposits and still others don’t pay marketers directly but use affiliate payment companies.

Once you become skilled at Affiliate Marketing, you can join one of these Affiliate Marketing companies, which gives you access to more organizations. You will have access to advanced payouts and better products. There is no better way to get started.

Money In Your Sleep

When I say make money in your sleep, I don’t mean this is easy work. It does take some research and patience and there are new skills to learn. You will need to use your own understanding of your hobby or interest of products and peoples’ interests and questions. You will need to research key word phrases and use your own intuition about what people are really asking and what they meant to ask. You will also need to write your own marketing web page.

Having said that, you only need to do this once. The technical part of the web page is as perfect as possible and it works everywhere, on all screen sizes, on all devices, every time. It works all the time, in every part of the English-speaking world, all the time. It works while you are, in fact, sleeping. Which is why you can wake up to extra cash in your account.

Powerful Income Tools

There are very few tools that are this powerful and yet so profitable. The potential is huge and the costs are so small. You can join the modern technical world on your own terms and this is a job anyone can do from anywhere at any time. There is no barrier to entry. In fact, if you are disabled, from a different culture, speak a different language, if you have a richer complexion, or if you have a different view of the world, you have an advantage.

Get Started Now

Here is what you need to get started. You will need to choose your area of interest. This can be something you know every well, like a hobby or something you have always wanted to learn about. In either case, you will want to research this area and then use your intuition to measure the supply and demand. Sometimes the supply will be bigger than the demand. If this is the case, I recommend you choose another area unless you have a unique angle or focus.

You will need some technical things:
1. Domain Name for your new website
2. Email Address to send and receive materials
3. PayPal account to send and receive payments
4. Web Hosting account to install the website
5. FTPS client to upload the folders and files

These are not highly technical or complicated. They are easy to learn. Let’s take these one at a time.

1. Domain Name. Your Domain Name is the name of your website. By default, websites have a number, like an IP number. Numbers like, are not user-friendly and difficult for people to remember. When you register a Domain Name, this becomes easy for people, and search engines, to remember. It also tells them what your website is about.

Spammers and scammers know this and will register their Domain Name for only one year and discard it as soon as they are done. Websites registered for only one year don’t get ranked very highly because of this. Because of this, I recommend that you register your Domain Name for at least two years. All Domains are rented by the year. Sometimes there is a discount for registering multiple years.

2. Email Address. When you get started, I will send you a set of files and folders for you to customize. You will need to receive the files I send you. Email is the best way to do this.

3. PayPal. You will need to pay for these files and folders, and the easy instructions. You can use any International Credi or Debit Card for this. However, you will also want to receive payments for your Affiliate Marketing! Payments are often made via PayPal, although there are exceptions, the other main method of payment is via direct bank deposits.

4. Web Hosting. All websites live on special computers connected to the Internet. These computers are designed to deliver your website as quickly as possible to the computer requesting it. These computers are called web servers and the space you rent for this purpose is called Web Hosting. All website space is rented by the month or by the year. Often there is a savings for annual rentals and sometimes there is a greater discount for multiple years.

5. FTPS client. File Transfer Protocol (Secure) is the standard way of putting your folders and files on the Web Server. There are FTP servers and FTP clients. You will use the FTP client. There are at least two free FTP clients available online. They are relatively simple and easy to use. Like nearly every account online, like email and web hosting, they require a web address, username and password.

How to Make Uber Money

My income from just one Affiliate Marketing website is $1000 per week. This is a net income, not gross, that I generate while I am sleeping, from just one active website! I wake up to increased income in my account regularly which is deposited automatically into my bank account every week. This is just one website. Most affiliate payments are monthly, and the terms vary. Some pay via PayPal, some make bank deposits, and some pay with other methods. Nearly all affiliate portals offer statistics and graphs so you can track your progress and see what is working.

SEO Equals Free Advertising

Most people new to Referral Marketing will doubt that you can make money without advertising. However, just look at a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Notice that there are two kinds of listings on the page. One is clearly marked advertising. The other listings are just there. How did they get “just there”? They are listed by Google (or whatever search engine you are using) as being most relevant to the keywords (question) you entered.

Many businesses have built thousands of websites and spend countless hours testing and re-testing their pages in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Many things are known. Some of them rather obvious and some are surprises.

To be fair, no one, not even Google can know precisely what page will be listed first and any given time. But there are many factors that are known. Since the early days, Google has instituted upgrades with code names: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and others, each more subtle and sophisticated than the last.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Each update has made it clearer that well written, original articles with source links, relevant images, references to information that deliver real value stand above the others. The short description of SEO is this: the web page that best answers the visitors’ question will rank highest. If it didn’t, Google would be out of business.

Don’t Advertise

People think you have to spend money to make money. Other people feel they don’t know enough because they don’t have a degree. But the biggest problem for lots of people is that they think you need to advertise to get more business. In fact, most people can’t think any other way.

The major websites don’t answer those questions. They list features – height, weight, color, number of pages – these are features. Don’t worry about that. Every day people put questions into a search engine. They are looking for benefits – will this work for me – and how they do that is to ask questions. You can make money just by answering peoples’ questions with a link from the supplier.

NONE of that is true

The best part about this business is that people know more than they realize. Anyone can out-perform the long-established, highly-skilled, and better-funded competition with creativity and determination. All it takes is a little effort, patience, and original thinking.


No one has a lock on this business. Anyone can get ahead by thinking outside the box. The internet is constantly changing. Getting ahead in this business just means finding what people are searching for. In fact, the cleverer you are, the more you will make. Let’s look at that next.

SEO Used to Mean Keyword Demand

It used to be that people ranked web pages with what I call technical SEO. That is, finding keywords, sorting through all the competition, adding backlinks, with lots of convoluted tiers of complexity to build artificial authority in Google’s algorithm. Forget it. You don’t need that.

In 2019 the best SEO is No SEO

However, in 2019 technical SEO has faded into less relevance. Yes, there are over 200 different factors in the Google SEO list. And yes, no doubt these are still valid indicators of real value on a web page. But consider this one factor: a person searches for an answer by entering a keyword phrase into a search engine, clicks on the first page on the list, and ten seconds is going back to look at number two on that list. Did that first page have the answer? Clearly, in this case: No.

That number one page in Google’s list may be technically good, it may even be technically perfect. But it will not be in the number one spot for long. This is why I say that technical SEO is dead.

Write for the humans, not the machines

SEO is simply providing the best answer to the question (Keywords) people enter into a search engine. Referral marketing is simply providing the best answer to the question that people enter into a search engine with your referral link. When people visit the product website by using your referral link, their purchase is credited to you. Referral marketing, then, is really about providing the most relevant and useful information possible for your visitor. In short, by providing your visitor with real value.

Simply put, you cannot outrank the top websites already optimized for your Keyword. However you can often find and easily rank for lesser Keywords. In other words, zero percent of a large pie is still zero, but part of a smaller pie can be satisfying. There are literally limitless small pies and you can do this again and again. Each time you find another Keyword, it becomes easier. Each time you will get better and finding them!

You do this by playing “Family Feud”. (For simplicity, let’s keep using the Uber example. Once you understand this, you will search for other products.) Enter the words you think someone would use when looking for Uber. Then see how many are using this term each month. There are lots of people searching the basic words. Keep looking for the less common words people use.

When I search for the phrase “how to apply to drive for uber”, there are 40 searches per month. When I copy this and put it into a Google search with quotes, there are only 19 web pages that contain this term. Because the demand is greater than the supply, this has the potential to be a right-side-up Keyword! I would look at the top several web pages on this “Search Results” page. If they are clearly optimized for this term, you will rank behind them. On the other hand, if they only contain the term, you stand a good chance of ranking first for this term. This is referral marketing.

Customizing Your Website

What else will you need to do? You will customize your website. You will receive and/or download a zipped folder with files and folders. You will unzip this folder and open the files. Open the README file first. These are the instructions. You will customize the files with your Domain Name, your Email Address, and so forth.

There are a few other customizations you can make. Some examples of other customizations will include the affiliate link you will get from your supplier, choosing an image for your web pages, writing your main template page and (optionally) writing the custom paragraph for one or more of the key word pages. You can also change the colors of sections of your website.

Actual Website Examples

Here’s What You Get:

So you may be wondering, what exactly do I get? Glad you asked. You download a zipped folder. When you open this folder, you will have a set of files and folders and access to the Replicator. Open the README file first. This contains the instructions and access to the Replicator.

1. Icons for Apple and Android
2. Index.php home page file
3. Assets folder with customization options (body-color, css, js, description,
footer-color, local image, section colors, README)
4. Google Console verification file
5. Google Analytics analytics tracking code
6. Company.txt file
7. City.txt file
8. site.php file
9. url.php file
10. img folder
11. paragraph.php file
12. privacy folder with standard text
13. terms folder with standard text
14. cookies folder with standard text
15. disclaimer folder with standard text
16. sitemap.xml file with sample text

You will need five things. You can use items you already have. If you don’t already have these, you will have to buy them.

1. Domain Name
2. Email Address
3. PayPal account
4. Web Hosting
5. FTPS client

Let’s review these:

1. Domain Name. This is the name for your new website. I recommend you get one from but if you already have one, you can use that.

2. Email Address. You will need an email to send and receive materials. A gmail account will do. If you don’t have one, I recommend you get one from

3. PayPal Account. PayPal is most often needed to send and receive payments. It’s popular with affiliate marketing programs.

4. Web Hosting. Your Web hosting account is needed to install the website. Web hosting is where your website lives on a special computer that is connected to the Internet. All web hosting space is rented, usually by the month or by the year. If you don’t have web hosting, I recommend you get it from

5. FTPS Client. File Transfer Protocol (Secure) is the standard way to upload the folders and files. There are a couple of popular free ones available.

Don’t Rent A Car for Uber

Don’t rent a car to drive for Uber. Drivers are only allowed to drive rental vehicles that are part of an approved partnership in order to earn with Uber. Driving an unapproved rental car may result in deactivation from the Uber platform. Driving a rental car means extra expense and risk.

Not Recommended

While renting a car by the hour or day might be right for some people, I don’t recommend it. I used to drive for Uber. I made more money by not driving for Uber. Instead I made a simple website that paid me again and again and again. In fact, I didn’t touch that website for years. I made more money from that website than I did driving.

Rightside Up

I like to make money before I spend money. When I see people putting money on something that may not pay them back for a while, I cringe. Yes, it may be an investment, but I don’t like to see that even if it is. I like to see it rightside up. I like to see positive cash flow. Spending very little upfront and getting a good return, is much better for positive cash flow.

Overspending at the beginning is how people get into trouble. Then they feel more pressured and make more mistakes. By investing a small amount and making small mistakes (we all make mistakes) people learn while they can correct them. When these mistakes are corrected, and they start making money, then they can remap up.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

Small map of the world with location astrology lines marking the best places for health, career, love and home.

My recommendation

My recommendation? Consider this approach: You qualify to drive for Uber and you get your referral code. Then use that code to sign up other drivers. When these drivers get their bonus, you also get an equal bonus. You can drive while you make your website and get your referral code working for you if you want. You don’t have to.

Trading Your Time for Money

Ultimately you are trading your time for money like any other job. This is necessarily limited. You cannot multiply your efforts. You cannot increase your income. You cannot get more money per hour. In that system you are locked into an exchange that has finite limits. In the short-term this may be what you need. but in the long-term? Look at the increasing numbers of self-driving cars, trucks and airplanes. The least profitable part of Uber is the driver behind the wheel. As soon as they can, Uber will replace the driver (you) with a paying passenger. By starting your passive income website now, in your spare time, you can start making money that takes care of itself.

Begin Passive Income

Wealth advisors nearly all recommend that people begin passive income streams early. This is because they work. They are not get-rich-quick schemes – realistic or otherwise. They are slow, steady streams of income that have two very obvious advantages: they are repeating long-term income, and they require little or no attention.

Warren Buffet recommends this approach, and in fact, this is what he did when he began bulding his income. He bought games and put them in barbershops. The men had time on their hands and change in their pockets. His investment in the games was low and the income he received over the long-term was substantial. In the end, he sold those machines for more than he had paid for them originally.

Excellent Passive Income

Websites are undeniably excellent passive income streams when set up correctly. Simple, static websites have a very small cost and can return a passive income stream for a long time with little or no attention. Not to be confused with large dynamic websites like WordPress, small static websites do their job well without needing upgrades or any maintenance. The cost is minimal (Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email) and the return can be substantial. Well-designed websites fit every screen and device, work all the time – even when you are sleeping, work anywhere in the (English speaking) world, and answer your visitor’s questions correctly every time.

Newbie Advantage

Many newbies often outperform established Affiliate Marketers because they have a unique perspective. Thier unique point of view is necessarily different because they see the market from a fresh vantage point. They are younger or older or from a different culture or speak a different language. They know people who are like themselves and unknown to the extablished marketers. This gives them an distinct advantage. By marketing to their peers and answering their unique questions, they open a new world of opportunity. They are richer for it.

Invest in Your Future

Learn on a small scale until you start making a profit – which doesn’t take long. Once you understand what goes into a profitabe website, you can start ramping up. The investment is in yourself. You own. (Technically everything on the Internet is rented – you register the Domain Name and you rent the Web Hosting – but these are small amounts and they are yours as long for as you want.) The investment is in your future. Uber is just one example.

Affiliate Marketing IS eCommerce

The Internet runs on eCommerce. Today it is Mobile Commerce or mCommerce. Nearly every supplier has or works with an affiliate marketing plan. Amazon, Uber, GoDaddy, Blue Host are some good examples. Registration is free. Payment is usually weekly or monthly and payouts are transparent, trackable and automatic. Most often payment is made via PayPal but some suppliers make direct deposits to your bank account.

Optimized for Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t rarely occurs in front of the laptop. Creative ideas flow when people are having fun. Most searches come from mobile smartphones. Your website template is optimized for small screens, works well on all devices and screens, and delivers nearly ideal web pages that are optimized to load fast, especially on a limited data plan, narrow cell signal, with a weak battery.

Customers Want Benefits

There are three parts to the equation: Suppliers, Customers and Marketers. Suppliers have products, described in features. Customers want benefits, described by their questions. Marketers describe the suppliers’ products and features into the customer’s benefits by answering their questions. Marketers register with the supplier and receive a special link. This link gives the marketer credit for each sale they refer.

Unlimited Income Potential

There is no barrier to entry. Your income potential is unlimited. There are no issues with disabilities, enthneticity, accents, speaking, education, region, religion or political affiliations. Smart marketers are marketing to their peers. Great Affliiate Marketers do best when they are adept at describing the suppliers’ products in terms that answer the customers’ questions. They do this by understanding their customers better than the supplier does. This is because they are marketing to their peers.

Start Small

Start small, make mistakes (we all make mistakes) on a small scale. Learn what works for you and ramp it up. When this works with one website, find another supplier or product and make another. There is no limit to the number of affiliate accounts, suppliers, Domain Names, Web Hosting accounts or websites you can have. You can start this business in your spare time.

You can do this with a full-time job, a part-time job or no job. You can do your work from any device from almost any where and at any time. You can do this as a single parent, alone and with friends. This job is great for ADD, ADHD and ‘hyper-active’ people. Work when you are clear and stop when you get distracted.

Find Your Niche

The important thing is to get started. You can find your niche today. Maybe you already know what it is. You can start with your hobby, your neighbors’ hobby or something you have always wanted to learn about. Do your research. Learn to find what people are already searching for, find what questions are going unanswered, connect the supplier and answer those questions. Google will rank the best answers to those questions on top.

There are 200 factors that go into the Google formula but the one that matter is simple. Did your web page answer that question the best? If people click on it and then leave, it didn’t. But you can make it better, Google will come back, and your page will get ranked again. It takes a while. Be patient.

Speaking of Personal Experience

Your hobby or special interest or expertise is a good place to start. Find something you know well. Alternatively, if you don’t know something but you want to know about it, you can start there. The more you learn about something the more you know. Share it. Take your audience along with you. Ask the questions they want to ask and take photos or video.

One good way to do this is to find an expert who has just written a book. Ask that person if you can interview them and mention their book. Most new authors will jump at the chance to get some free publicity. Many people want to know more but they are too shy or too embarrassed or feel they don’t know anyone to ask. Do it for them. Be candid about what you know and what you don’t know. They will appreciate the honesty.

Uber Without A Car

Uber Without A Car is a proven, high-quality marketing system in a box. The cost is very low and the price is very high. With this simple tool, you can market almost any affiliate product with ease.

The easiest and best way to make money online isn’t your selling price. It’s your buying price. The lower your costs are, the bigger your profit margin, and the bigger your profit. The best way to do that is to lower your costs before you begin. This is a right-side-up website. Most would-be online sellers I meet are up-side-down. So, here’s how to:

Make money with your website

Get your web hosting (and EVERYTHING else) at cost

Get generous affiliate commissions


First, become our customer. If you already have a website, you can migrate it to our server. If not, we suggest you try our Website Builder. The cost is less than $20 per month. You will receive an account number when you become our customer.


Next, become our partner. Once you are our customer, you can apply to become our partner with your account number. All of our products are available to our partners at cost for less than $100 per year. You will receive confirmation by email.


Third, become our affiliate. Once you are accepted as our partner, you can become our affiliate. This is free but you may need a PayPal account. (You must be our customer and our partner to become our affiliate.) We reward you generously when you refer new customers. You will receive confirmation by email.