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PPC vs SEO comparison graphic.
PPC vs SEO comparison graphic.

When I tell people I make money in my sleep they don’t believe me. When I tell them I get free advertising, they laugh. That’s ok. The laugh is usually on them. But SEO gets better results – more traffic and higher conversion – and it doesn’t cost money.

Optimizing for search engine searches is essentially free advertising. There are several ways to get listed in search engines without cost. The most common way is with a website. The only real work is your time. Even when you consider the domain, web hosting and ssl, the cost is a minimal expense.

There’s a few reasons why advertising doesn’t work as well, in my opinion. The biggest is that advertising is in your way when you are looking for something else. No matter what the deal is, if it’s not what I wanted, then it’s in the way. I’m not ready to buy.

On the other hand, when people are ready to buy, they start looking. Where do they look? On a search engine. Today there are several: Google, of course, and there is Yahoo, Bing, and others. Pinterest, YouTube, eBay and Etsy are also places where people begin looking.

It’s relatively easy to get started. Produce something of real value that isn’t already findable on the internet that people are searching for and they will find you.


However, there are new things to learn. You will need to be creative, be persistent, and practice thinking “outside the box”. And, you need to be patient. Remember that Google tests new web pages with a quarantine.

In most cases, Google will not rank your web pages for about six months. This is ironic because after months of little to no results, many people quit.

People think you have to spend money to make money. Other people feel they don’t know enough because they don’t have a degree. But the biggest problem for lots of people is that they think you need to advertise to get more business. In fact, most people can’t think any other way.

NONE of that is true – in my experience.

The best part about this business is that people know more than they realize. Anyone can out-perform the long-established, highly-skilled, and better-funded competition with creativity and determination. All it takes is a little effort, patience, and original thinking.

No one has a lock on this business. Anyone can get ahead by thinking outside the box. The internet is constantly changing. Getting ahead in this business just means finding what people are searching for. In fact, the cleverer you are, the more you will make. Let’s look at that next.

SEO Keyword Demand

It used to be that people ranked web pages with what I call technical SEO. That is, finding keywords, sorting through all the competition, adding back-links, with lots of convoluted tiers of complexity to build artificial authority in Google’s algorithm.

The best SEO is No SEO

However, in 2020 technical SEO has faded into less relevance. Yes, there are over 200 different factors in the Google SEO list. And yes, no doubt these are still valid indicators of real value on a web page.

Consider this one factor: a person searches for an answer by entering a keyword phrase into a search engine, clicks on the first page on the list, and ten seconds is going back to look at number two on that list. Did that first page have the answer?

Clearly, in this case: No.

That number one page in Google’s list may be technically good, it may even be technically perfect. But it will not be in the number one spot for long. This is why I say that technical SEO is dead.

Write for the Humans

SEO is simply providing the best answer to the question (Keywords) people enter into a search engine. Referral marketing is simply providing the best answer to the question that people enter into a search engine with your referral link.

When people visit the product website by using your referral link, their purchase is credited to you. Referral marketing, then, is really about providing the most relevant and useful information possible for your visitor. In short, by providing your visitor with real value.

Find a Smaller Pie

Simply put, you cannot outrank the top websites already optimized for your Keyword. However you can often find and easily rank for lesser Keywords. In other words, zero percent of a large pie is still zero, but even a small part of a smaller pie can be satisfying.

There are literally limitless small pies and you can do this again and again. Each time you find another Keyword, it becomes easier. Each time you will get better and finding them!

The way I got started with SEO and keyword research was when I was making the website to sign up new Uber drivers. I had some experience with making websites and I decided to go that route instead of buying a new car.

The Survey Says…

You do this by playing “Family Feud”. (For simplicity, let’s keep using the Uber example. Once you understand this, you will search for other products.)

Enter the words you think someone would use when they are ready to drive for Uber. Then see how many are using this term each month. There are lots of people searching the basic words. Keep looking for the less common words people use.


When I search for the phrase “how to apply to drive for uber”, there are 40 searches per month. When I copy this and put it into a Google search with quotes, there are only 19 web pages that contain this term. Because the demand is greater than the supply, this has the potential to be a right-side-up Keyword!

I would look at the top several web pages on this SERPS, (Search Engine Results Pages). If they are clearly optimized for this term, you will rank behind them. On the other hand, if they only contain the term, you stand a good chance of ranking first for this term. This is referral marketing.

Free Advertising

Most people new to Referral Marketing will doubt that you can make money without advertising. However, just look at a SERP. Notice that there are two kinds of listings on the page.

One is clearly marked advertising. The other listings are just there. How did they get “just there”? They are listed by Google (or whatever search engine you are using) as being most relevant to the keywords (question) you entered.

Many businesses have built thousands of websites and spend countless hours testing and re-testing their pages in SERPS. Many things are known. Some of them rather obvious and some are surprises.

To be fair, no one, not even Google can know precisely what page will be listed first and any given time. But there are many factors that are known. Since the early days, Google has instituted upgrades with code names: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and others, each more subtle and sophisticated than the last.

Each update has made it clearer that well written, original articles with source links, relevant images, references to information that deliver real value stand above the others. The short description of SEO is this: the web page that best answers the visitors’ question will rank highest. If it didn’t, Google would be out of business.

My income from this website averages $1000 per week. This is a net income, not gross, that I generate while I am sleeping, from just one active website! I wake up to increased income in my account regularly which is deposited automatically into my bank account every week. This is just one website.

Most affiliate payments are monthly, and the terms vary. Some pay via PayPal, some make bank deposits, and some pay with other methods. Nearly all affiliate portals offer statistics and graphs so you can track your progress and see what is working.

Making Web Pages

What’s involved in getting to the top of Google? A lot. First you need the website. Building the website sounds simple. However, getting it right is a challenge for many. WordPress is free-ish at

You can also get the free software at but then you need to have your own web hosting. Some companies will install it free, but you have to know what to ask. Then you need add-ons, themes, and plugins, updated and installs.

Builders make it look easier, but they’re not. What they do is create a system where you get started for free and then need overpriced add-ons. Plus, their website builder is what Google sees, not the small websites that are built with it.

Then you need their own non-standard version of add-ons, themes, and plugins, updated and installs. Often the website looks attractive, but performs very poorly. This is something you can’t know or test until after you have invested your time and money.

Ultimately all of these systems require constant maintenance or they fail in one way or another.There are about 20 things you need to do just to get a website. Then there are another fifteen things to get right before your website is listed by search engines.

Then there are readability scores that must be met before your site is considered readable. Then you must notify the search engines of your website’s existence. There are lots of mistakes along the way that can get you banned.

Partner With Us

You know something better than anyone else. You do something better or faster or easier or closer than anyone else on the planet.

You have a passion for something wonderful. You have had a personal experience that makes you uniquely qualified. You are a beginner but you can find and interview the experts in your field.

My best advice is to make a beginning. The foundation of SEO is good keywords. When someone is ready to buy, they start asking specific questions. These are called “longtail” keywords. Watch this video to see how to find them.

Watch the video to see how to find KeyWords

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