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Reseller web hosting company is an easy way to boostrap your bank account.
Reseller web hosting company is an easy way to bootstrap your bank account.

Careers today are dynamic. This means demands that we be more creative and also affords you more room for growth, upgrading your skills and building multiple streams of income. The digital age rarely allows for a set career path and most careers in tech have not been around long enough to have an established trajectory.

Most of us have adopted a side hustle that brings in (we hope) an extra income. This is an age where people can capitalize on their hobbies to support a higher standard of living. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing nearly everyone to consider their options. Under these circumstances, having an additional stream of income is appealing.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have tried to find or build an online business. There are several models – affiliate, drop-shipping and reselling. These are ideal methods of generating an additional income stream while working from home and recession-proofing your household.

What is reseller hosting?


  • What is reseller hosting?
  • How do I start my reseller hosting business?
  • How do I structure my business accordingly?

A web server is a special computer that is connected to the internet and houses websites. If your domain name is the address of your website, then think of web hosting as the actual house where your website lives.

Reseller hosting is when you purchase wholesale web hosting and provide your customers with portions of the server and domain resources. Reselling allows you to start your own 3rd party web hosting business. Reselling is ideal because you keep the profit, while the wholesaler does the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

What’s the difference?

Drop-shipping is different from the other two because it involves extra responsibilities for branding, sales, support, refunds, tracking orders and more. Affiliates typically are recommending their suppliers and resellers can be in either camp. Both affiliates and resellers can handle the sales and pass the support to their suppliers. Typically Affiliates can start for free. Resellers often pay for their position and have a higher branded profile.

What are the advantages?

Most drop-shipping and affiliate sales are one-time purchases. Repeat sales are possible and desirable, but not hard-wired. Web hosting and websites are typically repeating sales for as long as the customers are happy. This has the advantage of cumulative sales. Over time, this can build a substantial income. We have reseller plans. You can sell our products under your brand. We do the work (if you want) and you keep the profit.

How do I get started in business?

The smartest thing you can do is to make a beginning. You can’t make any kind of income if you don’t begin. Even a small repeating income will eventually become a big one over time. For example, say you sell a plan every week. Next year, those plans renew and you now have two plans every week. The following year you will have three every week.

How do I begin?

There are two ways to begin. If you are new, you might want to begin with an Affiliate account. This is free. If you plan on building a real business, you can begin with a reseller account. Our reseller accounts start around $33 per month. We also have the tools and plugins for drop-shipping.

How do I start my affiliate business?

Ideally, you will want to offer something besides a link. Nobody likes to be sold, but everyone has problems. What is a problem you have that is solved by using this product? How many other people have the same problem? Where to they go to find answers? What questions do they put into Google? This is SEO.

Now you are ready. You can sign up to be our affiliate here.

How do I start my reseller business?

How many web pages answer this question? If there are more answers than questions, ask it in a different way. Zero percent of the big pizza is still zero but a fraction of a smaller pizza is something. This is longtail.

Decide how much money you are willing to invest in your web reseller business. Reseller packages include domain names, beginner website builders, WordPress, cPanel and Plesk, Business plans, Email Marketing, SSLs and website security. We can help you get started. Become familiar with these products and how they can help your new customers.

Now you are ready to start your reseller business here.

How do I structure my business?

Develop a structure for the services that you will offer. It is recommended to give your customers added value to create a competitive advantage. Here are a few tips from SecureServerSites CEO, Randall West on how to structure your business accordingly:

  • Create a plan to get your customers started
  • Become knowledgeable about the tools
  • Our default pricing plan ensures profitability
  • Provide real value by solving problems
  • Offer exceptional customer service

Additionally, these questions should be asked when structuring your business:

  • Find an identifiable gap in the market
  • Know how to solve this problem
  • Assure your new customer that you are available
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • We want you to succeed

Once you have this structure, you should consider giving your business a name and identity:

  • Get your own domain name
  • Brand your storefront checkout
  • Build your own professional website
  • Design an eye-catching logo
  • Create a brand and ensure a strategy
  • Provide a user-friendly interface
  • Create social media accounts

In conclusion

Almost no one has gotten rich working at a corporate job. Nearly all of the wealthy began their careers by building their own companies. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. It’s also very rewarding. Web Hosting is a business that supports entrepreneurs in their ventures through the creation of an online presence.

We advise that through excellent support, you not only acknowledge the importance of having an online presence, but you provide your customers with an understanding to assist them in growing their businesses significantly.

So ask yourself today, what is stopping you from starting your own reseller hosting business?