Earn money online reselling our
products under your brand.

The pandemic has changed nearly everything. More people are getting what they need online than ever before. Businesses are were not online before, are building websites, affiliate marketing, and web stores. The web developers are swamped. You can help.

What you get

SecureServerSites provides everything you need to sell domains, hosting, email, website building tools and SSL certificates. The program includes private-labeled products, a professional website with storefront and the freedom to set your own prices. You don’t even need your own merchant account. We accept multiple currencies and process payments. You get paid the following month by direct deposit.

How it works

You know the folks that need to find more customers. You join our family of resellers. You help them find what they need with our products. You can set your own prices and your own policies. They know you and trust you. You can have your own business helping them get online with our products. We do the work, you keep the profit.