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I don't really like sports much at all. But I do like to swim. Here's how that happened.

I’m not a a physical person. I don’t like exercise. I don’t really like sports much at all. But I do like to swim. Here’s how that happened….

When I was in Boy Scouts, which was a very long time ago, there was an award for swimming one mile. I liked swimming and, even though I didn’t have a special swimming expertise, I decided to try. I had been emboldened by the safety requirements of one person rowing the boat in front of me guiding the way, and another person at the back watching me swim. I started out with a crawl stroke, which soon gave way to a side stroke, but that got old fast.

What was I thinking?

I became tired and more tired. The more I swam, the more I realized how deep the lake was. The slower I swam, the deeper that lake became. About halfway I hit a ‘wall’. I couldn’t go back, I couldn’t stop and I felt like I just could not go on. It would be so easy to get into the boat, but I also could not give up. I kept going. I tried floating on the water. I tried many things.

One more stroke

One more stroke, and then one more, and another, and another. Then it got a little easier – and I relaxed. Soon I was relaxing instead of forcing my way through the water. That felt better. I wasn’t pushing, I was pulling. This was easier and easier. And it became more and more enjoyable. By the time I could see I was completing this mile swim, I became energized. This felt good. We reached the finish area and I was a mile swimmer! But that’s not all. I felt so good, that I got into the boat and rowed it back to shore. Then I ran back to camp. Then I ate a delicious meal.

It wasn’t a mile after all

Some time later, one of my friends told me that they had made a mistake. A team went out and recalculated the distance and he told me what they found. It wasn’t a mile after all. It was a mile and a half. Sometimes when we challenge ourselves, we find we can do things we didn’t think we were capable of. This isn’t someone else’s story this is my story.

Why am I telling you this?

I began writing this because one of my Facebook friends had just signed up for a charity paddle board race around the entirety of Lake Tahoe. She was both nervous and excited. I would be, too. That got me to remembering my experience at signing up for something I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to do. Sometimes it’s a good thing to challenge yourself. Sometimes we don’t really have much of a choice.

‘Non-essential’ businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic, for many people, is one of those times. whole careers and professions have been deemed ‘non-essential’ meaning no income. Whole industries are gone. Maybe forever. While many bigger companies were termed essential, many of the smaller companies in the same business were not. Many people are now out of a job, even the ones who were good at their job.

I was good at my job

Many people are wondering what they are going to do, and what they can do working from home. Maybe you are one of them. I used to be out of a job. It was a job I was good at, too. I used to be a PPA Certified Professional Photographer. Before everyone had a smartphone photo and video studio in their pocket, people went to photography studios to take their family photos.

It wasn’t just photographers. Kodak film company was the most trusted brand on the planet. That was the company that invented digital photography. One year, they were the world’s biggest photo processing company and seven years later they were bankrupt. There will be many more changes. COVID-19 is just the latest.

How do we adapt?

What can people do that machines can’t do better?

We adapt, we think, we create. There are other things that people do, but those are the things that come to my mind. Machines can’t do these things. Machines don’t come up with great ideas in the shower. (And, by the way, that’s one of the best places to find new ideas.) And that’s what I did when my business died.

For a while I sat at my desk and cried. I took long walks. I talked with friends I hadn’t seen in years. Then I did nothing. I traded in my cameras and studio lights for a laptop and a router and began building websites. In those days, it took all day just to make one web page. All day!


That was in 2003. The same year that WordPress was born… er, forked. In the software licensing world, when you take one piece of code and add on to it to make it into something else, it’s like you came to a fork in the road.

Digital things are what works for me, and for many people. Because:

  • you do the work once and get paid again and again
  • repeating sales done this way accumulate
  • you can copy the work and apply it other places
  • you can find customers all over the world
  • you can send them instantly to anyone anywhere
  • the machine does the boring work for you

If you are looking for some extra income, I recommend you consider something digital. I have something you can do.

Build a website

You can build a website. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, you can start with, then you can add an email list so you can keep in touch with your fans, and you can network together. When you get your idea in the shower, your friends will be the first ones to find out because it will be on your website.

Become an Affiliate

You can become an affiliate. You make a percent from every sale. If you want to make some money online, affiliate marketing is huge. Nearly 80% of the things sold online are sold through affiliate marketing. Even the companies that don’t have affiliates have affiliate marketing some way. We have an affiliate program.

Become a Reseller

You can be a reseller. You can sell products under your brand. The wholesaler does the work and you keep the profit. This often includes a payment gateway, checkout translated into different markets with languages and currencies. You set your own prices, your own sales, your own discounts, and more. Nearly every product repeats monthly or yearly. We have a reseller program. You invest a small amount in your business, you sell one website (we can make it for you, of you want) and your own website is free. You do the work once, and get paid again and again.